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Best parks and playgrounds in Sheffield

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

With over 100 parks in the region, Sheffield is excellent for “green spaces” so perfect for families with children and dogs. Sometimes it’s often to find parks which are suitable for both, here’s a top list of parks and playgrounds to discover in Sheffield:


1. Millhouses park (gated) S7 2QQ - includes cafe, toilets and parking. Buggy friendly.

2. Norfolk Heritage Park (gated) S2 2PL - includes cafe, toilets and parking. Buggy friendly.

3. Bolehill Park - good playground for all ages, buggy friendly, S10 1QW

4. Hillsbrough Park, S6 2AB - Roadside parking. Buggy friendly.

5. Forge Dam S10 4GL - cafe, toilets and roadside parking. Buggy friendly.

6. Graves park (gated) S8 8LJ - includes car park, dog friendly cafe, toilets and buggy friendly.

7. Cliffe park S18 2XU - includes cafe, toilets, and small car park. Buggy friendly.

8. Aston Park (gated) S26 2BL - Roadside parking only. Buggy friendly.

9. Woodhouse Mill (currently closed and gated) S13 9WF

10. High Hazels Park, S9 4PD

11. Endcliffe park (gated), S11 7AB - Includes cafe, toilets and roadside parking. Buggy friendly.

12. Handsworth recreation ground - lots of fields, platground and buggy friendly paths. Roadside parking. S13

13. Meersbrook park - great for scenic views, playground, S8 0RP

14. Crookes Valley park - close to Weston Park also. Good playground. Roadside parking. S10 2TU

15. Weston Park - No playground, but nice and picturesque for walks and duck feeding. S10 2SJ

16. High Hazels Park - A good sized park, buggy friendly, playground (gated) and has a sandpit. S9 4PD Close to the Coffee Kennel too.

17. Chapeltown park, Good open playground and sandpit, S35 1SX

18. Manor fields park - no playground, but good open space to explore. S2 1GH

19. Glen Howe Park - small playground by the car park, great ancient woodland for exploring, streams to paddle, lots of wildlife to see. S35 0DG Buggy Friendly (ish)

20. Rivelin Valley playground - perfect for exploring the Rivelin valley trail, but a nice playground (gated) and cafe. S6 5GE

21. Coronation Park - S35 0GG - good playground (gated) and lots of open fields. Stream nearby for paddling and duck feeding. Buggy friendly.

22. Parson Cross Park S5 8AL - Gated community park, complete with skate ramp.

23. Rother Valley Country Park - small playground (gated), 5km circular walk, buggy friendly, ducks to feed. S26

24. Ulley Country Park - A small reservoir to walk around, sling recommended, car park. S26

25. Stannington Park, S6 6AH - dont forget to visit Kafe Stannington!

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