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FREE DAY OUT in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield Walk, Playground and Woods

Address - Sheffield S11 7AB

Endcliffe Park is a large park with woodlands, cafe and a great playground in Sheffield. It is considered to be one of the best outdoor free days out in Sheffield considering what there is to do, you can easily spend a few hours here with the dog and children.

1. Playgrounds - Although gated, there is lots of space to tie pooch up while you spend time in the well equipped, spacious playground. There is plenty of infant equipment, along with bigger, taller structures for the older ones. There are rocks to climb on and picnic benches to sit down. And during the 'normal' summer months, there is often a fair too.

©️Kpainter (pre Covid)

2. Woodland adventures - A path from the entrance of the park, over stepping stones next to the funfair, or past the cafe takes you through some of the woodlands, with a number of paths to choose from. There’s some fantastic twisty trees to climb, a waterfall, bridge, and lots of ducks to feed.

3. Visit the cafe - sit outside and soak in the atmosphere, serving snacks and refreshments and lots of water for the doggies. Plus an ice cream van pops along in summer. (Check recent COVID restrictions).

4. Follow the trails and walk to Forge dam - a popular walking route in Sheffield for dogs and children with lots to explore en route. Approx 5km and buggy friendly, it follows the porter brook river and there's cafes and playgrounds at both ends, winner!

5. Explore the S11 area - there is plenty of dog friendly cafes, dog friendly pubs and dog friendly shops in the Sheffield S11 area. It really is well accommodating. The botanical gardens are also not far either, for further exploring.

©️KPainter (pre Covid)

Parking is free on nearby roads and there are toilet facilities in the park.

Note - please check all destination information before travelling due to COVID restrictions.

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