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Graves Park, Sheffield Buggy Friendly Walk and Playground

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Address: Graves Park, Hemsworth Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 8LL

Did you know Graves Park is one of the largest parks in Sheffield? It is also a FREE DAY OUT for children and dogs and is well equipped with a playground and dog friendly cafe. And not forgetting buggy friendly.

Top 5 reasons to visit:

1. Playground - although it is gated (which would mean tying pooch up to the railings nearby) it is a good size playground complete with sandpit and infant and junior equipment. And well maintained.

©️KPainter (pre Covid)

2. Paths - Great for buggies, scooters and bikes which loop around the main field therefore offering a good sized circular walk.

3. Ponds and Boating lake - perfect duck feeding opportunities

4. Woodlands and fields - Being the largest in Sheffield it has a variety of areas such as open fields, muddy woodlands, nature and wildlife, hidden spots and games. There’s something for everyone .

5. Rose Garden Cafe - and totally dog friendly too. (Check opening times due to COVID restrictions). It is currently offering a takeaway option for visitors.

©️Kpainter (pre Covid)

It has a car park (chargeable) and toilet facilities.

There is a FREE animal farm however this is not dog friendly.

Note - Please check all destination information before travelling due to COVID restrictions.

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