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Brierley Forest Park

Address: Brierley Forest Park, Off Skegby Road, Huthwaite, NG17 2PL

Approx 40 minutes from Sheffield and you have this wonderful Forest Park which is the perfect day out for children, adults and dogs. It has something for the whole family.

Brierley Forest Park provides plenty of footpath and cycling networks through a series of woodlands, meadows, streams and wetland areas.

The park is over 78 hectares in size and also provides recreation facilities including a football pitch, children’s play area and play trail, fishing, mountain bike track, sculpture features and a visitor centre with café facilities.

There are varying walks depending on your ability, so ideal for little and older legs, read more here:

Lots of picnic benches for pit stops and a playground to keep the little ones entertained.

Thanks to Liz in our community group for allowing us to share her pics!


(Note - please check destination information before travelling in case of Covid restrictions)

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