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Norfolk Heritage Park Sheffield and Cholera Monument

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

We were lucky enough to be dog sitting “Bear” the black Labrador this weekend which was so much fun. We had a spare afternoon so we decided to take him to a few sights in Sheffield which are totally hidden gems:

One of the oldest parks in Sheffield! This park is fantastic for young and older children. There is so much open space for picnics, games and ball throwing (which Bear loves!) and it offers great views of Sheffield too, ideal for those who love a view! The facilities have recently been upgraded and the playgrounds are fantastic. One big adventure playground and a smaller toddler one, which also includes a little scooter/bike track too. Both are gated so no dogs allowed however they can be tied nearby or there are benches of there is more than one adult to wait outside. There are plenty of paths and trails to explore around the park, all signposted so you don’t get lost. There are also duether sports facilities (basket ball courts etc).

There is a community centre in the middle which offers a cafe and toilets facilities. Free car park or roadside parking is available.

We then walked to...

I have Lived in Sheffield over 35 years and have never heard of nor visited this. A historical monument built as a memorial to those who died in the Cholera outbreak in 1832. Based in the adjoining Clay Wood. It’s great for a stroll and has some fine views of the city centre and beyond. Great vantage point.

then finally we stopped for a pit stop at ...

Maybe I’m not young or hip enough to have heard of this place, but a dear friend recommended it and we absolutely loved it. Very dog friendly little place at the bottom of Park Hill Flats (which are being completely regenerated). Can sit inside or outside, with lots of grass for the children to relax on while enjoying drinks or food. Great little find. But ssshh don’t tell anyone, it’s so lovely and peaceful 😉


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