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Kings Park, Retford Buggy and Dog friendly

Address & Car Park: Chancery Lane, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 6DF.

If you are looking for award winning gardens and a superb dog and buggy friendly park, then Kings Park is the perfect choice. It is a great day out and will keep everyone entertained for hours - there's just lots to see and do! Here are the top reasons why to visit:

The Playground - although it is a gated facility, you can tie the dog up nearby and still enjoy all it has to offer. It literally keeps young and older children entertained for hours. Lots of equipment including climbing frames, a pirate ship, slides, swings. There is even a water splash park during summer.

© KPainter

The Gardens - There is no surprise this place won UK's best park in 2019 in the East Midlands. The buggy friendly paths are perfect for strolls around the park and allow for little bikes and scooters too.

© KPainter

The chesterfield canal - To extend your day, Kings Park is beside the chesterfield canal, therefore you can extend your day and venture for a stroll along the canal, musing at boats and feeding the ducks.

Vast open space - there is lots of open fields for picnics and playing ball games, and great for throwing the ball for the dog!


The nearby town - is lovely for visiting the shops or if you need to grab a bite to eat. The Old Police Station (Kings Park Hotel) has a lovely dog friendly courtyard where you can rest the legs and grab food or refreshments.


Please note - all images were taken pre covid. Check destination information before travelling due to COVID restrictions.


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