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Rother Valley Country Park Walk and Sculpture Trail

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Address: Mansfield road, Sheffield S26 5PQ (main paid entrance)

Alternative (Free) entrance - Meadowgate Ave, S20

We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep, however beware because at peak times it does get busy. Despite that, we can walk here so we don’t have to worry about parking (paid and free parking is available).

There are 2 main lakes which you can walk around, approx 5km in total and decent paths for buggies, scooters and bikes. They are a mix of gravel and tarmac.

There is a small playground with limited facilities, a cafe (takeaway) and toilets. There is also a miniature train that runs school holidays and at weekends however it’s been cancelled due to COVID.

Loads of duck feeding opportunities, although beware of the ones near the cafe as they can get a bit aggressive! Maybe find a quieter spot around the lake.

There are plenty of water sports activities and cycle hire centre too. Often at weekends, you can sit and watch jets skis, boats and the aqua fun inflatables. (Not operating due to COVID)

Sculpture trail - now did you even know this existed? No us neither. However there is a 1.9 mile sculpture trail which starts from the courtyard area following the ST wooden signs. It includes ten wooden sculptures designed by young people and sculptured by a local artist Simon Kent - this trail will take you to the higher and wilder parts of the Park. You will discover a breathtaking view looking out over parts of Sheffield and Derbyshire as you follow the waymarked trail. Please note this is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

Map as below (see the purple route):

In addition, there are lots of trails and paths that go off the park including the transpennine trail. These are great for exploring woodland and plenty of “off lead” opportunities for the dog. There is also 2 more lakes to discover, Nether and Meadowgate lake. See if you can find them on your next trip!


(pics taken pre Covid)

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