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Rushcliffe Country Park, Nottingham

Firstly, a thank you to Joe Pendlebury (Days out in the Midlands) for allowing us to share this review of what looks like a fantastic park and day out.


Mere Way,

Loughborough Road,

Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, NG11 6JS

Approx 1 hour from Sheffield (when restrictions allow) the park is set in beautiful countryside just south of Ruddington and features over 8km of trails to explore...but that’s not all....Read on!

It's home to one of the biggest and best well-equipped playgrounds in the county. It's medieval-themed, featuring a large sandpit area, swings, slides, roundabouts, and more. There's railway-themed play equipment to be enjoyed, too.

For older kids, there's a brand new skatepark being built, which was due to open next month(April/May 21), although I'm not sure whether those plans have been pushed back a little. There's a BMX trail in the woodland area, as well.

You'll also find an outdoor gym and two table tennis tables.

For those of you with dogs, there's a Dog Agility Area, which is a fenced and gated area with obstacles and activities to keep your dog entertained. This is free to use by members of the public at any time.

If you enjoy walking or cycling, you've got 200 acres of space to explore, including a 2-hectare lake and a mix of wildflower meadows, grassland, conservation and landscaped areas. Lots of wildlife to spot along the way.

You're also quite literally next door to the GCRN - Great Central Railway Nottingham, which is accessible on foot from the country park. The railway bridge provides an excellent vantage point when the railway is in operation.

There are several interactive trails around the park, all designed by volunteers. The Ladybird Trail is one of the most popular options for families with young children, set in a woodland area. The walk features 32 ladybird models representing most of Great Britain’s 45 native species.

Children can collect a quiz sheet from the Visitors’ Centre before starting the walk, and then tick off each species as they spot the models.

It may have changed since, but parking also only used to cost £1 for your whole visit (up to a full day). Bargain.

As with most free-to-visit attractions, Rushcliffe can get incredibly busy on a warm day - especially in summer. Parking can become a challenge when it does. As always, get up and out early to avoid unnecessary stress at the start of your visit.


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