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Harthill Reservoir

Address: Carver Close, S26

A little hidden gem in Rotherham, is Harthill Reservoir. It’s great for a sunny or dry day adventure with the family, either young or old! And of course the dog!

Look out for fishermen, as you stroll around the Reservoirs on the 4 different trails varying in length. From 1-5km, you can choose which best suits you and how much you want to explore.

The paths are ideal for buggies if you stick to two of the routes, however venture a bit further and the paths become wooded and narrow making it a bit difficult, so sling may be better if you want to go on the longer routes.

No facilities, just a free car park and benches to rest the legs!

However, just off the estate is a small playground and playing field if you fancy taking ball games and having a bit extra fun. This also has a car park too.

Finally, if you fancy a spot of lunch or refreshments. I would highly recommend The Beehive pub which is dog friendly (book in advance). The food is super!

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