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Ulley Country Park, Rotherham Family and Dog Friendly Walk, Easy going trail

Aughton, Sheffield S26 3XL

Start the year off with a simple stretch of the legs at Ulley Country Park. It’s perfect for little Ones who don’t want to go in the pram anymore but you don’t fancy taking hours around a reservoir either!

There is a car park available and toilets, although check opening hours before visiting As it’s quite as hoc! There is a cafe b it it’s currently not open.

It’s approx 3km all the way around and takes us approx 1 hour (1 in a sling, and a 4yo pace!). There are lots of ducks to feed by the sailing club and a newly refurbished picnic/patio area - perfect for summer months.

It is pram friendly ish - albeit a bit bumpy so beat keep an eye on those wheels. We mainly sling the way around as it’s easier.

Its also perfect for wildlife spotting - check out the bird hide for birds and maybe the odd mouse!

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